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I will be hosting multiple collabs after my return. The first being the sequel for NEXUS:HANK RAID, the second being a prequel for Paradigmadness.

However, there are so much stuffs to prepare for the collab. Especially the sprites.


Since everyone pretty much knows that the Nexus Prominence uses big chunks of sprites made by others, Duality and I are remaking the sprites all over again. While the rough designs for most of the units that needs reworks are finished, the process is almost at point 0 due to myself not being able to fully communicate with Duality due to lack of time. Thus, since I decided to make the NP's weaponry distinctive to other factions, which means we have to make their own weapons one by one.

For Paradigmadness0, the base sprites will be using Jsoull's style. However PDM2 sprites are pretty much outdated despite being cool even til today, the spritesheet needs a rework, and since I'm looking forward to portray the Eye monsters like the ones that appeared in the PDM1 cinematic(more creepy looking, humped back, half-quadrupedal, less intelligent).

So if you're willing to give a helping hand, please leave a PM in NG or DM me through discord(currently hacked, going to make one later on). Of course, your names will be in the credits. If you're selected as a spriter, you will be revamping the pre-existing design, and can even make your own division(after discussion).

Animation Participants:

Since I'm planning to make the whole progress extremely time efficient, for the HR sequel, the participants will work simultaneously. I've seen many titanic-scaled collabs getting torn apart due to the hosts' inefficient role distribution and laziness of the participants. And since the collab will be a faction Vs faction unlike HR, multiple people will be animating with the same file in real time.

How are we going to do that?: Simple, we all have discord. There will be several VCs where you can livestream your progress. You send the most recent file on chat and livestream your progress, other animators will join your vc and download the file you posted. They too will animate with their livestream on. Animators will animate sprites that aren't occupied. So for example, animator A animates character X and Y on the top left while animator B animates the character W and Z. Your progresses will be livestreamed in the server and you will be posting your files in a certain unit time. And of course, you will have to engage with your participants so it's highly recommended for you to turn on your vc to prevent any miscommunication. And every time the file gets uploaded, you just copy the frames that others made and paste it to your file.

And you must follow the given rules and orders. HR was coarsely made since many people just ignored the rules. This time, we will not tolerate any clips that violates the collab rules. READ before you start doing stuffs. For example, people who are spamming higher units(Engineers, Soldats, Captains), or placing units that shouldn't be in that operation area(Agents in an assault operation), their clips will be rejected. You will not obtaining the sprites unless you start animating. There were multiple people who just took the sprites and procrastinating their works even until the collab was finished. If you aren't currently available, do not join. You can join whenever you're able to work, the server will always be opened. Specific rules and storyboard will be shown in the server

We will start accepting participants after mid November. 


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