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Posted by KJtheguyyouknow - November 15th, 2020



This Collab is NOT Related to Jailbreak:FoH And Operation:Phobia

I've decided to revive the old "nexus collab". But now, it's not a random collab but a RELAY collab.

The participants are full and closed. The release date is around January (or earlier)

The current Participants are














@General D













There will be no spoilers about the story, thank you.

Some sneak peek pics





Posted by KJtheguyyouknow - September 21st, 2020

iu_170685_8089061.jpgFinally, the Amalgamation Collab has been successfully finished Thanks to everyone who've participated. The Youtube Version of the collab is released and the NG version will too soon as the MD20 category comes out. If you don't mind, check the Youtube version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNtN_K89IBs



Posted by KJtheguyyouknow - July 10th, 2020

Before you read this long paragraph, I would want this post to be spread to all the madness related communities, hoping there won’t and shouldn’t be more Awful happenings like this. Before I start, I posted an apology message though the inquitiorx account. But I asked for the account deletion before I decided to make an apology to the public and the post I wrote earlier got deleted. 

But I should briefly explain what happened since this post is intended to make everyone aware that the act of  POSTING PRIVATE SPRITES MUST be forbidden. 

what happened is I joined a collab that contained private sprites. But because of my stupidity and anger, I made a terrible mistake. I posted the private sprites from that collab in one or maybe two servers. Thanks to the collab organizers the spread of the sprites were blocked. But they had to suffer a lot of shitty messages by random people asking the private sprites/ people rip-offing the concept of the private sprites. 

I really want to apologize to the people who made the sprites and the collab organizers. For making chaos and directly and indirectly affecting the collab. 

After I spread the sprites, some of the guys from the collab adviced me to make a public apology but instead I just ran away. To get away from this situation. Few weeks or months later, I returned as a new guy, “inquisitorx”. Still not apolgized about what I’ve done. I deceived others by changing my sex, my age and mostly everything that could veil me. But days pasting by, I was always concerned about the guys that said they will keep my profile safe and hidden. And finally someone decided to betray me. And now I got caught. The first moment I got caught wasn’t rage from me being betrayed. Since I think it is karma and I deserved this. And luckily this time, thanks to my beloved comrades in discord, I was able to get enough courage to publicly stand up and reveal what I’ve done. I wanted to fix this although it is too late and I didn’t want to make the same mistake I did before. The act that I’ve done can’t be backed since life isn’t a game and cannot be reseted. But I really want there won’t be anymore similar cases like mine. I really hope my case becomes the very last of the sprite spreading problem. If you are to do the same or similar act, you really need to reconsider about your act. Don’t let the sudden rage overwhelm you that leads to a painful ending. In the end, no one will win, everyone you’ve trusted will turn back at you and you won’t be given a second chance nor a chance to apologize. If you actually did it already, it would be wise to make a sincere apology to the victims. 

Individual message to some people 

To all of the participants that were/are in the collab and the participants of the other collab that is associated :

 I’m terribly sorry for what I’ve done. I made a mindless mistake and ruined your hard works both directly and indirectly. And I’m very very sorry to the collab organizers,sprite makers.....

To the Amalgamation collab participants :

I’m terribly sorry for canceling the collab without even notifying. Making all your hard works to none.... 

To the Old Team members : 

I’m so sorry by letting you all down and disappointing you all. And I really want to say thanks for being my friend and stood up for me whenever I got in trouble. 

To the Madverse Team members : 

I’m sorry for deceiving some of you guys. I should have been more honest with you guys who are/were in close relationships. I had no courage.... 

To The current friends that are still with me(I won’t be giving their names because I don’t want them getting involved) :

Thanks for still staying with me after what I’ve done. You guys made an opportunity for me to make this apology. I sincerely respect you all and I hope we still contact even after me leaving the madness community.

To the fellow Korean animators : 

I’m sorry for what I’ve done. Especially the ones that got involved into troubles because of me (getting kicked from a server and other stuffs). And also thanks for being nice all the time and helping me.

To Tuvster : 

I’m sorry that I didn’t apologized like you advised to me back when I was kj and I really am thankful for asking me to make an apology. I should have listened to you.... thanks and sorry for everything 

To Remon :

Thanks when you asked me to make an apology. And I’m sorry I haven’t done that.... 

To NoxiousTech,Jollybag,DotBon and others that spoke to me without aggression when I was caught :

Thanks for saying respectfully even though I’ve done unspeakable things to you and showing respect for a retard that doesn’t deserves any respect and should be insulted. I’ll be a different person regardless of my return to the community(which is most likely not to happen)

To the ones that said insultive words when I got caught: 

I’m not mad at you all. I deserve all of these and thanks for keeping the last respect, not insulting the 3rd party(families, my friends that are still with me)

To Eastly and Zach (sorry I forgot your middle name) :

Thanks for making the nexus sprites in dissenter style. I really got motivated by those sprites and I hope your works don’t get dishonored because of me

To Eastly: 

I’m really sorry for my deceival..... I have more to say but I don’t want to excuse myself and I suppose you don’t want to talk with me anymore.

To CynNG :

I’m sorry for ignoring you back when you said I shouldn’t post the sprites. I should have listened to you..... and I’m sorry (for people that might ask why crynn didn’t mentioned this to other public servers before I spread the sprites, I lied to him that I won’t....)

To icondog:

I saw your fucking comment in shadz’s post. You were one of the fuckers that actually asked for the phobia sprites after I deleted them. And now you are acting as if you were never related to this incident. I should be one that should be perished from this community, but this includes you too. Leave the community before it gets more bad for you and your surroundings. I would really love to post a screenshot of you asking but unfortunately removed the account and I can’t get it. Everyone can insult me about my acts but you’re not. You should have keep your filthy mouths shut. I would have just shut myself because I don’t want to take a guy down with me but I can’t watch how you try to act innocent from this. 

To rebulted: 

I’m okay about you insulting me since I deserve to get fingered at. But posting my private sprites were uncool. It makes no difference between you and me. I have no hateful emotions towards you but as a guy that was once your friend, don’t be a guy like me.... 

To kRyy: 

You’re one of my favorite animators and I really love your animations but I really hope you remove the file in your YouTube video. It’s funny of me trying to ask you to remove them while I’m also a sprite spreader that have made chaos. But please. If you read this I beg you to remove the files.... thank you

I have more people that I want to say with but it is getting too much personal and getting out of the main topic so I’ll move along.

After writing this :

While I was writing these long paragraphs

I could get some time to think about this situation. And if you ask me if I regret about revealing my acts to public I would say no. In fact, I believe this is the most proudest thing I’ve ever done while I was in this madness community. And I really want this sprite spreading problems would meet the end. Spreading private sprites is one of the worst things in this community. It ruins the creators’ effort put into the sprites and is a nonverbal insult towards the creator. Giving private sprites privately is not a good thing to do too. But it may be a sign of trust to the person or symbol of friendship. Which is still not a good way. These minor spreading will not likely to be ended completely but what I am hoping is there should be no more private sprite spreading in servers that has a lot of people. This act will be unfixable and even if you do, it would not be back like it used to be. So please. Do not try to do what I’ve done. Again, I want to say thanks to everyone in the community and also want to say I’m sorry at the same time. And if you’ve seen this message, please spread this post everywhere (discord YouTube etc). I don’t think I’ll be forgiven and I know that I must not be. I don’t want this incident to be forgotten so that everyone can be aware of how serious these kinds of problems are. I’m not trying to get credibility from people or justifying my acts. I’m just saying what I need to say. You might say “fuck yourself kj, you’re just trying to fake and you’re not even sorry.” Well if that’s what you believe I’m cool about that. But don’t say to others that your perspective is absolutely right. The opposite case is the same too. It’s individual’s perspective and please respect it even if is the opposite of what you believe. Also,There might be many grammatical errors and misspelled words since I’m not a guy who writes or speaks English fluently. But I hope all of you understood the main message, don’t sprite private sprites. Thanks for reading this shit written by a guy who’ve done one of the worst thing in the animation community. Thanks for helping me. Thanks for advising me. Thanks for listening to me. Thanks for being in my madness career. Thanks for everything. 

If you want to know more specifically what happened you can contact on discord I won’t be active all the time but I’ll try to reply to every messages. You can also speak other stuffs. Madness related stuffs

and even insults. I’ll take every messages seriously and I will accept every perspectives towards me. I won’t insult back at you for insulting me since I deserve to get insulted(but I still might block you though). But I don’t think I could accept any insults related to 3rd parties. 

*re-edit: I'll still be in the community but I still regret what I've done and I'll never forget what I've done